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How to record an international project in an up to date way?

The CIRCollaborative Tools project is about finding and experimenting with modern digital solutions in the field of the European circus art scene. So when the project came to a question “how to record the results”, “how to make the content accessible, fresh, and “fancy” to fit to the philosophy of efficient collaborative work”, there was no debate that we need clear ideas and strategy of media work to during the process. That’s where the media expert, Lucie Poirot’s knowledge and work came extremely useful. She introduced the idea of transmedia approach, and became the leader of the communication group, which took responsibility for the documentation contents.

It was clear from the beginning, that this project did not deserve a lazy way of documenting what is happening. So just shooting a couple of pictures, doing some video interviews, and posting on the social media randomly is not representing the forward-thinking methods  we where facing during the use of new digital tools. Working with 9 institutions from 8 different countries is a challenge, but all international projects allways have the same issues. The question was “what kind of strategy to use to give to the documentation process an idea, a style, an opportunity to become up to date”.

The transmedia approach introduced by Lucie helped the communiation group to specify the strategy in the beginning, and gave an inspiration for something logical and interesting to relate to.