Meet the Fheel Concepts team


Fheel Concepts has just started their residency at the Arts Printing House. Ordinary Circus Girl is a final result of the project, where through a VR (virtual reality) headset, you as the viewer will become one of the circus performers in the short movie. For the team to fulfill their VR vision, they need some help form the audience Рto watch areal acrobatics sketches from different points of view: from the usual seats, from the ground and even from the top, higher that the acrobat.

Fheel Concepts presents an open rehearsal where the audience will be watching short sketches performed by four rope acrobats in exchange for viewer’s honest and very important opinion about different points of viewing the performance and feeling the space. It will be a big input in the process of creating a VR circus experience.

During the presentation the team will tell the public more about the project, ideas, this unique relationship between contemporary circus and virtual reality and also, answer their questions.

Date of the residency: 1st of January – 14th of January, 2018

Presentation day: 7th of January, 2018