CIRCollaborative Tools meeting in Budapest

So, the last day of our CIRCollaborative Tools meeting in Budapest is over. With the partnerorgnaizations of 8 countries we have spoken about the future of circus and how we can use Collaborative Tools to improve that. But we did not just talk: several people have worked on a ‘social experiment’ with Hungarian children, various performances have taken place, a flash mob has been organized.  And we experimented with serveral tools. In short, an energetic and interesting program!

 The purpose of this project was to think together about contemporary circus and how to facilitate this. People share their stories and knowledge from different countries with different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and opportunities. Both at the political, organizational and execution level. Topics that came along are: what is contemporary music, how can we involve children in circus, how can we respond to the current technology in circus, etc.

It was great to be in Budapest and we had te opportunity to see great circusshows and presentations! 

We look back on fun and interesting project! View the photo report here!


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